Provided Procedures

Denture Procedures

Our denture procedures include immediate dentures, carolina dentures, superior dentures and Mini Implants.

Immediate Dentures
Dentures which are placed immediately after natural teeth are extracted. We also provide most services on extractions.

Carolina Dentures
Dentures which are either replacement for existing dentures, or dentures which are placed after healing
of 6 months or more have occurred.

Superior Dentures
Highly cosmetic denture with many different options
for your cosmetic taste. This denture is also great for a patient who has difficulty with a denture that often cracks, because of the metal palate which is placed for extra reinforcement.

Mini Implants MDI
This procedure is an excellent alternative for our patients who struggle to keep a lower denture in place. This is a non-invasive procedure that allows you to eat what you want when you want without the hassle of adhesives. It takes approximately 2 hours in the dental chair and you leave the office with very little healing, allowing you to eat freely.

Cosmetic Procedures

Our cosmetic procedures include bonding, crown work, bridge work, veneers, cosmetic fillings, cosmetic contouring and Zoom whitening.

This procedure is great for front teeth because of the ability to reshape and reshade your existing teeth.

This procedure is great for a tooth that is broke down but still has good bone support and root system. This procedure restores the tooth and gives our patient additional time on a tooth that might otherwise be lost.

This procedure is a great procedure for someone who must lose a critical tooth or already has a missing tooth which they would like filled in. This procedure involves the adjacent teeth an results in a very nice permanently cemented situation which should give our patient many years of function.

This procedure is another great cosmetic procedure primarily for front teeth which may be undesirable in appearance.

Cosmetic Fillings
These fillings are done primarily for teeth that the patient wants to look differently without there necessarily being any decay or other reason to fill.

Cosmetic Contouring
This procedure changes the shape of a front tooth which may be undesirable in its existing shape. This minor procedure can make a major different in the appearance of front teeth.

Partial Dentures

Our partial denture procedures include metal frame, acrylic, flexite and hybrid.

Metal Frame Partial
This is the strongest partial made due to the framework that the acrylic teeth are set on. This partial is made to last for years and has a very comfortable fit.

Acrylic Partial
This partial is transitional, usually used during a healing period. This partial is considered temporary until enough healing has occurred and another partial can be made. There are patients who use an acrylic partial for years, but it is not usually recommended over long term.

Flexite Partial
This partial is the most highly cosmetic partial made. Its tooth-colored clasps eliminate metal clasps that often show in the smile line. This partial is very comfortable and flexible and has recently become one of the most popular partials made.

Hybrid Partial
This partial gives the best of both worlds, you get the metal base strength and the flexite clasps for cosmetics. This partial has been a great success and has very comfortable fit.

Restorative Procedures

Our restorative procedures include fillings, root canals, occlusal adjustments, extractions and hygiene.

We offer all and any type of restorative filling, amalgams (silver) used primarily for chewing teeth for strength, composite (white) used primarily for cosmetic purposes on the front teeth.

Root Canals
This procedure is a necessary option for the saving of many teeth. Root canals allow our patients to keep teeth that would otherwise be lost, most root canal treatment is followed up by a post and crown restoration.

Occlusal Adjustments
This procedure is done for patients that need a their bite adjusted, and can be a non-invasive fix for may tooth problems that may seem more serious.

Our doctors offer a wide range of extraction services up to and including most surgical extractions. If an extraction is unable to be done at our facility, we have an excellent referral base for many local Oral Surgeons.

We have a talented and competent staff of hygienists to fulfill most every hygiene need. We offer all cleanings services including deep cleanings and root canals for the patients with those types of periodontal needs. For the patient whose periodontal need exceeds our level of care, we have an excellent referral base for many of the local periodontists.

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